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Real Self-Defense for the Real World

Would YOU
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"With 10 years of training and a 2nd degree Black Belt in another style of martial arts, I thought that I could handle anything. One unpleasant evening proved me wrong. Despite all my training, I was not prepared for the harsh realities of the street. Thankfully I found Self-Defense Systems. These guys have been around the block and truly understand real world self-defense.
I have learned more in a few months than in all my years of previous training. I wish I had found them 10 years ago."

Why Private Training?

We often get the question, “Why do you only offer private training?” or “ Private training is more expensive, is it really necessary?” The answer to the second question depends upon the goal. If one is only interested in a casual sporting activity or social experience, then no, private training is really not necessary. If, however, the goal is to learn true self-defense concepts, then there is really no better way than private training. The answer to the first question is the same as the second – there really is no better way to learn self-defense.

It is interesting that some people will question the need for private sessions when it comes to self-defense training, but would not think twice about this when it comes to other professional services. For example, how about group accounting sessions? Or what about group medical visits or legal consultations? The fact is, when it comes to professional services, people want individualized attention directed to their specific needs and goals. Self-defense training should be no different. We are, after all, talking about skills that could save your life.

Our private self-defense programs allow us to treat individuals as individuals. A customized training program that takes into account specific goals and abilities is designed for each client. Customization allows us to enhance a client’s strengths and strengthen their areas of weakness. Doesn’t it make sense that if you are learning skills to protect yourself and loved ones, you would want the process to proceed in the most efficient and timely manner possible? Our individualized programs allow us to do just that.

Another question we often hear is, “Don’t you need to work with a variety of body types to effectively learn self-defense?” The answer is – definitely not! This question comes from the false assumption that self-defense training is all about technique. In truth, self-defense is more about effective action than technique. Effective action is more about attitude and psychology, than just flashy moves. The best way to learn true self-defense strategies and tactics is through one-on-one instruction with a qualified, combat and street experienced instructor.

Lastly, on the subject of price – yes, our private training programs are more expensive than traditional group classes. A wise person once said, “Good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good.” The bottom line is you get what you pay for. Look at it this way – would you rather practice life saving skills with another student of your same skill level, or work directly with an experienced instructor? Would you rather learn self-protection skills from a tournament experienced instructor or from a real-world, street and combat experienced instructor? We have spent decades in the research and application of street-effective self-defense training, fear management concepts, crime prevention strategies and tactics, and the psychology of self-protection. Accept no substitutions! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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